Every molecule sings, vibrates sound. The vibration of your cells is what shapes your human appearance.

When we meet with each other, millions of molecules communicate with each other. We create a dance of atoms in cosmic symphonies. What a miracle…

Lets come togehter, listen deeper & explore this miracle.

In this evening will dive into the subtle facets of being, to meet ourselves & each other there.
On a journey of exploration into the deep layers of life within us, we will breathe, feel, move together – land consciousness completely in our bodies & feel the rhythm of our own vibration –

With ceremonial raw cacao & medicine songs we will tune into the frequency of the heart and meet each other in silence & in sound, from heart to heart, in eye-gazing, energetic exchange & subtle touch.
We will practice feeling with our eyes and listening with our whole body – to ourselves & each other.

We become so slow that we begin to move at the pace of magic, we begin to express it through our beings.

In this you are welcome with everything you are. Anxious, holy, totally unspiritual, proud, shy, loud, tender,… bring them all with you.

When, where & how?
Monday, August 22th 6pm – 9pm
Under the walnut tree in a garden on the southern edge of Berlin (S Bahn Eichwalde, address upon registration)

10 – 45 € by self-assessment
Registration and questions to Josepha Sophia +4915221621063