Pelvis Magic – Online Evenings

* For female bodies
* online
* bi-lingual (english/german)

3 wednesdays in October, 8-9pm

Welcome to 1 hour of somatic pelvis magic

Yogic, tantric and many other ancient traditions know the the womb as the origin of all life-force and direct portal into the divine/void. They’ve passed on an abundance of practices to access the magic that resides just a few centimeters under our belly button. On this evening I invite you to explore your female pelvis as a gate into the mystery within…
I will share with you practices rooted in:
-> there will be time for intuitive research & dance
potentially, these practices will:
+produce a sense of groundedness & earth-connection
+calm your mind & deepen your meditative presence
+bring flow into stuck energy/emotion/pain/numbness
+open up your creative channel
+enhance vitality & pleasure
+deepen your connection to your needs, desires & boundaries
+send you on a miraculous trip
Your host:
Hey I’m Josepha. Since my early 20ies I’ve been exploring somatics, embodiment and tantra and teaching Kundalini practices. Looking at life & our bodies in it through the lens of a researcher I am passionate about exploring the multi-layered facets of connection between psyche, body, culture, earth and cosmos. My offerings are based on gestalt-work, embodiment, devotion to life and love for the mystery.

Find out more about me here:

Tuesdays 8 – 9pm
October 10. / 17. / 24.
11€ per Session/Person
sign up by paypalling the money to (friends/family) and send a screenshot via Telegram to Josepha @ +4915221621063

I’m looking forward to move and explore with y’all <3
Josepha Sophia