11 days online morning practice inspired by:

Kundalini Yoga * Shakti Dance * Embodiment

Let’s keep up the sweet spirit throughout the dark winter days together!

Join me for 11 mornings of body-practices that will make you feel more clarity, aliveness, holistic wellbeing & sweet juices running along your spine every single day.

For me – the most amazing way to start the day – without even having to leave the house.

I will guide you through these mornings drawing from years of experience with Kundalini Yoga & Embodiment & inspirations from Shakti Dance.

What to expect:

A sweet mix of stretches, strengthening Asanas, flowing movements and breathwork.

At times we will also dance & shake our booties.

Each session closes with deep relaxation & some minutes of silence.

With this course you will also boost your Immun-System & Nervousystem.

Your body will get stronger & lither, the freedom of your movement will increase, thus enhancing spontanous expressions of your authentic nature.

Each session will be recorded and added an exclusive membership portal, where all session remain accessible for 40 days in total (until 13.01.2023).

11 days of vitality+selflove with practices for:


-Nervousystem strength & regulation

-Immunsystem Boosts

-liquid Body-flow

-Joy & Pleasure

-holistic wellbeing

-inner freedom & peace


05. – 15.December 2022


Mo -Fr 07:30 – 08:45 am CET

Sa & Su 09:00 – 10:15 am CET

Live via zoom

recordings for 40 days


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222€ in total (111€ each)

Pay for yourself & a friend and receive a discount of 59€ p.P.

All Details @ the Product Link.

170€ for one person:

Each day new live sessions of 75min for 11 days

+ recordings for 40 days (until 13.01.2023)