23.2. Wednesday 6 – 8pm CET

Embodied Self-Healing is the magic that unfolds when we begin to built an alive & loving relationship with ourself & our body.

It is an act of surrendering logic and opening up to the intelligence of body, the intelligence of our own DNA, which carries information of our subconscious and our ancestors and is a direct channel to all of existence.

Rather than a ‚technique‘ Embodied Self-Healing is the name I found for an approach towards myself & life that welcomes everything with curiosity. Moving from control into presence, from suppressing energies/emotions into authentic self-regulation & expression.

Moving from isolation into co-creation with the forces surrounding us.

Through several years of research & experiences on myself and my clients this approach took shape organically within me. It is rooted in Gestalt-Therapy, Embodiment and the teachings I received from earth, source and my own body-intelligence.

In this free Masterclass of 2 hours I will:

  • Give an introduction into embodied self-healing & talk about my experience with it
  • Guide you through embodiment practices that will give you an experience of embodied self healing
  • Answer questions

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In joyful anticipation & love,