Welcome to this space of pure body positivity.

This is a permission to slow down, touch yourself & sense

your skin, your breath, your movement, yourself

your feelings, your longing, your pleasure

transmitting the YES to yourself to every centimeter of your skin

letting it ripple down to every cell, every fiber of the precious being you are.


Welcome to Embodied Self Love

(in english with german translation if needed)

In these 60 Minutes I’ll guide you into deeper contact with your body & your senses through a nurturing ritual.

We will breathe, slow down & explore all the parts of our bodies through touch & movement.

This ritual will help you process emotions are under the surface & root you deeper into a loving relationship with yourself (& thus others).

It may also bring up streams of pleasure & ecstasy – and this is just as welcomed as all other emotions.

This is not a sexual self pleasure ritual – however, if your sexual energy rises naturally it is most welcome!

In the comfort of your home, you may dress up cozy, so you can touch every inch of your skin (or practice naked).

There will be no recordings & You choose whether your camera is on or of.

Potential benefits:

a calm mind & a regulated nervous-system

feeling at home in your body

deeper self-awareness

feeling like you’ve been to the Spa

(if practiced regular) more pleasure in everyday life

Next Sessions:

08.December 20 – 21 Uhr

14.December 20 – 21 Uhr

Costs: 11 – 22 € (you choose your prize)

sign up & questions at: